George Harrison during a Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band recording session, Abbey Road Studios, 1967

Photo: Henry Grossman

"[Peter] Blake visited a few sessions at Abbey Road […] to meet the Beatles and discuss ideas [for the Sgt. Pepper cover design]. Referring to [the 15 March 1967 session, when recording on ‘Within You Without You’ took place] Blake recalls ‘George was there with some Indian musicians and they had a carpet on the floor and there was incense burning. George was very sweet - he’s always been very kind and sweet - and he got up and welcomed us in and offered us tea. We just sat and watched for a couple of hours. It was a fascinating, historical time.’” - The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions


John and Paul in-frame recording a vocal overdub during the Rubber Soul sessions, EMI Studios, London, photographer unknown. (October, 1965)

A teenage Beatles fan in her room, 1964. Photo by Peike Reintjes.